Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crowsnest Pass Real Estate Humour

Today being my birthday, I have decided some humour and fun is in order. I have heard so much whining from real estate agents, sellers, buyers, mortgage brokers, etc these past few months that I thought I would share a couple of comments. First, an agent told me the other day that her income had dropped so much she was going to start charging admission to Open Houses! :-) Things are not that bad, REALLY! Maybe across the line they are, but here in Canada we are still doing pretty good, I think. Interest rates are low, mortgage rates are lower today than anytime in the past few years... Optimism abounds. Whether a buyer, seller or investor, sitting on the sidelines is not nearly as exciting as getting in the game!

For those of you who like and appreciate this sort of thing, I have put a link on my sidebar to the following real estate humour website: http://www.realestatehumor.com/ Enjoy!!!

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