Friday, January 9, 2009

Blogging about Crowsnest Pass, Alberta Real Estate

Blogging is a wonderful media outlet. It gives each of us a forum to present our ideas, opinions or whatever. Some people write blogs as a way to express themselves and their knowledge or expertise. People read blogs as a source of information or because they find the writer interesting. Blogs are extremely useful, both to the writer and the reader. The writer may have a lot of knowledge to share, and the reader may want an informal way to learn about a topic. I use my blogs - and as a place to provide local Crowsnest Pass, Alberta real estate information.

I was recently told by someone that my blogs reflect considerable effort. That was a really nice compliment as I do take pride in having a simple, but informative, real estate blog.

As a full time real estate agent in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta with MaxWell City Central - Crowsnest Pass, I use the Internet as a marketing tool. When folks are looking to buy or sell in Burmis, Bellevue/Hillcrest, Frank, Blairmore or Coleman - any place in southwestern Alberta - I want them to call me.

Does this blogging thing work? For me it does. Print advertising is not as effective. Print advertising does not really allow the consumer to get a "real feel" for the "who" behind the advertisement. If you are considering selling (or buying) make sure your selected agent uses the Internet as a marketing tool!

John Prince, Alberta licensed real estate agent, MaxWell City Central – Crowsnest Pass. Serving the Crowsnest Pass and area. Call me directly at 403-564-4518 or by email at:

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