Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a buyer's agent can do for you...

Many shoppers (buyers) in today's real estate market shop around by calling the agent on the sign out front. They want to see the property. They have questions. Blah blah blah.

But they fail to stick with one agent. Why?

I believe it is because they do not understand how real estate agents work, especially how they get paid. I will explain this here.

First of all, the agent who is named on the sign in front of a house works for the seller - not the buyer. Sure, they will answer your questions and show you the house. They will even help you buy it. But they still represent the seller. They are paid by the seller.

The truth of the matter is the buyer's agent is paid by the seller too. But the buyer's agent represents the buyer. So as a buyer why not find youself a local real estate expert to be your representative. It will not cost you a thing and they can:
  • Show you any house listed in the MLS system

  • Contact any FSBO seller who has a property you may
    be interested in

  • Educate you on the process

  • Represent you and present the offer

  • Advise through the inspections process

  • Hold your hand to the closing!

And... it does not cost you a thing!

If you are interested in buying a home in the Crowsnest Pass area of southwestern Alberta, give me a call. I would welcome a chance to be your representative.

John Prince, Alberta licensed real estate agent, MaxWell City Central – Crowsnest Pass. Serving the Crowsnest Pass and area. Call me directly at 403-564-4518 or by email at:

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