Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Affordable Housing in the Crowsnest Pass

Excerpt: Crowsnest Pass Promoter - Joni MacFarlane, Reporter

Due to the shortage of housing availability in the Pass, there is concern that a growing demand for Pass real estate is inflating housing and rental prices.

The newly formed Affordable Housing Committee has recently completed a Draft Needs Assessment document in this regard. With the completion of this document, the group has taken an important step closer to helping the Pass work towards providing strategies and solutions for resolving a possible affordable housing problem. The goals of this document were:

- To analyze population data and population trends in the Pass;
- To analyze currently available housing and projected future
- To analyze and identify housing needs, both present and future,
in the Pass;
- To project current and five to 10 year supply and demand housing
- To provide strategies for resolving a possible affordable housing

Once the Needs Assessment document becomes official, it can be used for community discussion to identify what the issues are and what solutions might be available, and to help secure government funding for any initiatives that are taken as a result.

“It serves as a real snapshot of where our community is right now,” says Adele McKernan, co-chair for the committee. “It really is a valuable document to have about our community.”

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