Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Greater Fool: The Troubled Future of Real Estate

The above title is from a book I have started to read by Garth Turner.

As a people, we've bought into a myth of ever-rising home prices, which is reinforced daily by a self-serving industry and a pliant media.
Since deciding to become a realtor, I have struggled morally and philosophically with the question of dualism. (In real estate, they actually have a term called dual agent. In which an agent acts on behalf of both seller and buyer at the same time. (Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?)) Anyhow, I digress. My dilemma was not with the technical or ethical, but with the personal i.e. how could I make an honest living, while at the same time speaking out and warning people with a ‘heads up’, about the troubled future of real estate, not only here in the ‘Pass but globally.

We’ve all heard about sub-prime, foreclosures, tight money supply, credit crunch and so forth. We’ve all heard and many have experienced lost hope, with respect to the future. I think people need to wake up to the fact; we have to start dealing with a future of having less. And that could be a good thing... for us and our planet.

Obviously, from what I have said so far, my focus with this blog will not be to tell you to buy more and bigger houses, but to start preparing for your future, by downsizing. Finding that safe home and community, which will bring you comfort, and be your sanctuary and shelter from things to come. This is what I think real estate in the Crowsnest Pass has to offer.

With the above in mind, I hope to provide you with valuable information, tips, and general insight into the real estate market in the Crowsnest Pass, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time for you to buy or sell your next home. In doing so, I hope to earn your trust.

John Prince, Alberta licensed real estate agent, MaxWell City Central – Crowsnest Pass. Serving the Crowsnest Pass and area. Call me directly at 403-564-4518 or by email at: johnprince@shaw.ca.

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